Lightning Box Games on Aspire Casino Sites

Lightning Box have become a firm favourite of casino players over the last 15 years. This relatively small outfit have produced a number of slots and casino titles which can be found at all the leading online casinos. Here we focus on those Aspire Casinos which feature Lightning Box titles.

The History Lightning Box

Lightning Box are at the vanguard of a posse of excellent Aussie gaming software outfits. Based in Sydney, New South Wales, these Australian geniuses founded the company in 2004, and are responsible for a superb selection of slots. Despite approaching their third decade of history, they remain a relatively tiny organisation, with barely a dozen employees in total, all of whom live within the New South Wales region. Many of their rival experienced organisations have gone the international expansion route – opening overseas offices to assist their territorial expansion. Others have been swallowed up by larger rivals and forsaken their independence for the promise of additional investment and industry influence. Co-Founder and current CEO Peter Causley had more than a decade of experience under his belt before he even founded the company. Ever since, he has consistently retained his organisation’s integrity and opted to be loyal to his compact, tight-knit team, a strategy which has certainly paid off so far. It doesn’t seem to have harmed the company’s prospects, as Lightning Box slots are renowned throughout the industry, and their games are available for players to play all over the globe.


There are well over fifty different titles in the Lightning Box portfolio, and the overall standard is astoundingly high. In fact, it’s hard to find a single dud or even an indifferent game amongst them. One distinctive characteristic of the company’s range of slots is the diversity of their design. The majority demonstrate the ingenuity, imagination and innovation of their design team, with few conforming to a standard slot genre. If there is one popular theme which is an exception to this rule and does feature regularly, it’s the Chinese Luck topic, but then again this Aussie outfit are a lot closer to eastern Asia than us Brits are. Titles which fall into this genre include Astro Cat, Dragon Palace, Fortune 8 Cat and Fu Star. By and large though, players looking for standard genre fayre may be better off looking elsewhere. There is certainly little to satisfy fans of the pharaohs or lovers of leprechauns. On the other hand, if you are the kind of player who is looking for something a little different, then taking a peek in the Lightning Box is a good place to start. A good example here is their choice of animals for their range of wildlife focused slots. OK, kangaroos may not be a regular choice for a starring feature animal, but then again maybe their popular Red Roo title is an obvious choice for them. But if you are thinking of another unusual, rarely seen subject for a slot, how about Golden Yak? Lightning Leopards? Mad Hares? Re-spin Rhino? Even unpopular insects get their star turn on Frogs ‘n’ Flies. If you are looking for more conventional fauna though, no worries: there are Serengeti Lions, a variety of other cats, plenty of pandas and more. Other unusual games include Blown Away, which features a tornado (or is it a waterspout?) and a discombobulated cow; the Mexican flavoured Chilli Gold and possibly the metal detectorists’ dream game: Beach Comber. Having been around for a while, Lightning Box does have some acclaimed classics in its portfolio. Moon Temple and Queen of Legends have surely attained this status, while more recent designs like Silver Lion may well go on to achieve a similar rating. Other more contemporary hits include titles like Pinata Bucks, Spartan Fire and Toro Rockets. Extreme Fishing is another surprise hit. Again, angling is not the first sport, nor fish the first animal which comes to mind when thinking of an all-action slot design. Having said that, random shark attacks certainly do help to liven up this exciting game no end. Streuth! Lightning Box games take pride of place amongst the range of slots available to players at casinos on the Aspire Global platform. So if you are looking for something a bit different from the conventional genre fayre, why not give them a try at your chosen casino?